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Visitry Selects Krew Social to Enhance Employee Retention Through Improved Clinician Community

The partnership will provide Visitry’s clinicians with a first-of-its-kind community building app to increase engagement, retention, and wellness

TAMPA, Fla. – Krew Social, a Tampa- based startup focused on building community within organizations, is excited to announce its partnership with Visitry. Visitry is a unique service that uses technology to pair home health clinicians with patient referrals. Krew Social will play a vital role in bringing clinicians together in the midst of their busy schedules to build community and create deeper relationships with one another. Krew Social will be available to Visitry clinicians this month.

The partnership with Krew Social compliments Visitry’s commitment to employee wellness. “We saw the need for employee engagement and social wellness, and were planning to manually build community ourselves using tools like Slack,” stated CEO Brock Lister.  “Then we realized Krew Social could build it more powerfully and relieve most of the burden from my leadership team.”

“It’s thrilling to see our technology used to solve a specific real-world problem like high isolation and turnover amongst home health care providers,” Krew Social Founder and CEO Mike Chahinian said. “This is one of many examples of ongoing social wellness dislocation we’ve seen since the pandemic.” 

Krew Social empowers organizations to create a community like no technology before it.  With its map interface, powerful algorithm, and mutual match ability, it is unique in that it uses a science-based approach to:

  • Enhance existing events by using a suggestion algorithm to indicate the best potential connections for employees
  • Add a decentralized component to communities by empowering individual employees to organize their own events fueled by the same algorithm
  • Build a network of strong connections for each individual employee- their “Krew”

Krew Social is designed to accelerate relationship-building within large organizations, including corporations. According to Gallup, having strong bonds at work doubles engagement, especially for women, and increasing engagement decreases resignations by 65% and increases profitability by 21%.  According to a Microsoft study, community is the main draw for employees to return to the office.  In his bestselling book Together, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy discusses the importance of building community with groups with a lot in common doing things they love together, exactly what Krew Social uniquely fosters. 

The healthcare industry has been particularly hard-hit recently by the pandemic.  The Wall Street Journal featured the plight of home health care providers on their front page in January, pointing to a turnover crisis.  A study of healthcare workers cited in Psychology Research Communications in 2022 at a designated COVID-19 hospital in Sydney, Australia found that loneliness had negatively affected the well-being of 39% of respondents.  Despite many factors contributing to these negative emotions, a sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues was shown to reverse this effect.

Chahinian had the idea for the app after leaving the Navy while earning an MBA at NYU. Having moved many times as a young professional, he noticed how difficult it is to build strong community using existing technology.  He dreamed of an app that would do it naturally- groups with a lot in common doing things they love together in person.

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About Krew Social

Krew Social is a first-of-its-kind community building tool designed to enhance engagement, retention, and many other metrics within organizations. Founded in 2021, its mission is to unite the nation by empowering organizations to create community naturally and scientifically. Launching with leading organizations, Krew Social is easy to implement and provides unprecedented safety. The app is available to users through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Visit for more information. 

About Visitry

Visitry is an online mobile app that alleviates the difficulties of finding additional home health staff. It provides real-time access to reliable and qualified clinicians to help support ongoing demand of referrals, allowing users the freedom to accept as many visits as they wish from the convenience of their location and schedule. Home Health Agencies are able to better manage their plates by posting visits to the app and watching them get accepted real-time by qualified and vetted clinicians. Visit for more information.

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