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  • Coworking spaces with a greater focus on community have higher retention, utilization, loyalty, and referral rates 
  • A single type of interaction is not enough
  • Negative word of mouth comes from lack of belongingness
  • By mass producing deep relationships, Krew Social can boost friendships in your spaces like no other app can:
    • 10X your existing events by letting members see who would be a good friend ahead of time using the suggestion algorithm, connect with them on the app, then meet them in person for the first time at the event.  They can meet all 50 people at the event instead of just five. 
    • 10X your community again by letting members create their own hangouts doing anything at any time and see which hangouts have good potential friends with the suggestion algorithm.  Instead of 1-2 events per month your residents can enjoy 10-20 or more.  
    • If there is one perfect friend for the member they can find each other 
  • We can unlock further value for customers by providing a single exclusive community for multiple locations, even nationwide.  Then when members travel from one location to another they can immediately network and make friends with like-minded people.
  • The below articles discuss the importance of social interactions for residential:

Simple Onboarding Flow

1. Sign contract
2. Customer nominates enthusiasts
3. Customer hosts brainstorming meal for enthusiasts
4. Enthusiasts create several hangouts
5. Organization optionally adds events
6. Customer hosts event for entire community and recommends or requires Krew Social be installed to attend
7. Vibrant Community!

We provide extensive analytics right out of the box

Total Users, Weekly Active Users

Total Events, Weekly Users Creating Events

Avg Event Size

Average user rating plus feedback

Net promoter score

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