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Equip Her Conference Selects Krew Social to Foster Lasting Community Among Christian Businesswomen

The partnership will provide Equip Her with a first-of-its-kind community building tool to increase engagement and develop long-lasting relationships within the Christian community

TAMPA, Fla. – Krew Social, a Tampa- based startup focused on building community within organizations, is excited to announce its partnership with Equip Her. Equip Her is a networking event for women in the Christian community who desire to leave an impactful legacy through their business endeavors. The conference will be held April 17th and 18th at Church LV in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The partnership with Krew Social compliments Equip Her’s commitment to establishing a sense of Kingdom community amongst one another. “We recognized the need for our attendees to be able to cultivate purposeful connections that last beyond the few days of the actual event,” stated Co-Founder Carrie Pasch. “We looked at many other solutions, but found that Krew Social was the best at fostering deep and lasting relationships.”  

“Building a tight community lasting a lifetime takes networking to a whole new level,” Krew Social Founder and CEO Mike Chahinian said. “And it’s wonderful to be able to support an organization with an important mission like Equip Her.”

Krew Social empowers organizations to create a community like no technology before it. It is unique in that it uses science-based approach to 

  • Enhance existing events by using a suggestion algorithm to indicate the best potential connections for members
  • Add a decentralized component to communities by empowering the individual members to organize their own events fueled by the same algorithm
  • Build a network of strong connections for each individual member- their “Krew”

Krew Social is designed to accelerate relationship-building within large organizations, including conferences. According to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, 83% of conference goers attend to network, and attendees with meetings are three times more likely to attend again. Furthermore, conferences that emphasize networking have improved audience retention and upgrade propensity.

Chahinian had the idea for the app after leaving the Navy while earning an MBA at NYU. Having moved many times as a young professional, he noticed how difficult it is to build strong community using existing technology.  He dreamed of an app that would do it naturally- groups with a lot in common doing things they love together in person.

To learn more, visit and

For press inquiries, please email [email protected] or [email protected].  

About Krew Social 

Krew Social is a first-of-its-kind community building tool designed to enhance engagement, retention, and many other metrics within organizations. Founded in 2021, its mission is to unite the nation by empowering organizations to create community naturally and scientifically. Launching with leading organizations, Krew Social is easy to implement and provides unprecedented safety. The app is available to users through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Visit for more information. 

About Equip Her

Equip Her is a networking event for businesswomen— some of the most underserved members of the Christian community. Equip Her helps women unlock their talents to accelerate careers by providing extensive networking opportunities with high profile entrepreneurs, influencers, and business leaders from a variety of different business sectors. Through the development of these relationships, women are able to gain a sense of community and develop their own personal success stories.

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