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Krew Social Announces Partnership with University of Tampa to Enhance Social Wellness Through Improved Student Connections  

The partnership will provide the university’s freshman class with a first-of-its-kind friend-making app to build and strengthen friendships  

TAMPA, Fla. – September 14, 2022 – Krew Social, a Tampa-based startup focused on building community within organizations, is excited to announce its partnership with University of Tampa. The first-of-its-kind friend-making app will encourage social wellness at the university by enabling students to make friends and create deeper relationships at scale. The app is available to UT’s incoming freshman class this Fall Semester.  

Krew Social empowers organizations to create a community like no technology before it. It is unique in that it:   

  • Enables users to create custom circles of friends for any activity or interest,  
  • Combines mutual match, like dating apps, with groups,   
  • Allows organizations to build decentralized community, and   
  • Let’s users make friends naturally, the way they’ve been made for thousands of years – small groups of people with a lot in common, doing things they love together   

Krew Social is designed for friend-making within several types of organizations, including universities. University life is a formative time for the next generation, and the importance of healthy social relationships for students has become even more evident in the wake of COVID-19. A survey of college students found that 67% of students experienced loneliness and isolation during the pandemic, which largely has not recovered.  

Krew Social helps universities boost social engagement for students, potentially leading to higher graduation rates, more active alums, and improved student retention rates. A recent Journal of College Student Retention study found that social integration is key to student retention at universities, especially for underrepresented groups.   

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Krew Social and to partner with a top university in the Tampa Bay area,” said Mike Chahinian, Founder and CEO of Krew Social. “Developing strong friendships is key to cultivating healthy communities and a rewarding undergraduate experience for students.”  

The Krew Social app will allow students to find new friends and create hangouts with existing friends in a fun and easy way. Students can create a profile, specify their interests, and use the map function to see nearby hangouts or create their own. The app’s suggestion algorithm recommends hangouts for people with a lot in common.   

The partnership with Krew Social complements University of Tampa’s commitment to social wellness. 

“UT is very excited to be working with Krew Social,” stated Addie Carothers, Director of Wellness at University of Tampa. “As a growing institution, it is important for us to be able to provide initiatives to students that allow them to connect with others in ways that provide deep and meaningful relationships, as social wellness is key to their success at UT. We are hopeful that Krew Social will be another tool that will help them develop a sense of belonging with their UT peers.”  

The partnership will also strengthen University of Tampa’s bond with local technology companies and support its commitment to entrepreneurship, including helping early-stage community businesses grow.  

Chahinian had the idea for Krew Social after leaving the Navy while earning an MBA at NYU. As a former service member, he was concerned about the increasing polarization in our country.  

“The mission of Krew Social is to unite our nation and our world,” Chahinian said. “Our technology can report how many hangouts per month and quarter include people with different views. To our knowledge, no other apps are tackling this issue.”  

Krew Social provides users with unprecedented safety by verifying organizational email addresses, blocking and reporting inappropriate hangouts, and requiring a live selfie. The app also provides aggregate data and reporting.   

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About Krew Social   

Krew Social is a first-of-its-kind friend-making app that focuses on building community within organizations. Founded in 2021, its mission is to unite the nation by empowering organizations to create community. Launching with leading organizations including universities, apartment complexes, and coworking corporations, Krew Social is easy to implement and provides unprecedented safety. The app is available to users through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Visit for more information.    

About The University of Tampa    

The University of Tampa is a private, comprehensive university located on 110 acres on the riverfront in downtown Tampa. Known for academic excellence, personal attention and real-world experience in its undergraduate and graduate programs, the University has about 200 programs of study and serves 10,600 students from 50 states and most of the world’s countries. 

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Carla Etheridge, [email protected]  


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